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The project began by the customer need to adopt a policy of rationalization of costs and the retrofitting of the lighting levels and uniformity in different environments and work plans, through the implementation of energy efficiency actions with LED lamps. The work took place in TNT warehouse in Alessandria, Spinetta Marengo, especially in the interior of the warehouse, offices and outside.

To comply with the average illuminance levels dictated by the UNI EN 12464-1 "Lighting of workplaces" (Warehouses - Storage area: average of 200 lux if continuously employed), and to ensure a quality saving has proposed to replace the ceiling fluorescent 2x58W, that did not guarantee the respect of an average lux provided by legislation, with a smaller number of Smart High Bay 80W 130lm/W. The results of the lighting occurs confirm the compatibility of the product Smart Pandora Green High Bay 80W Optical 90 ° 130lm/W to type of environment and to the average illuminance values to be respected provided by legislation.