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Pandora Green and Unilever have begun a collaboration with regard to the lighting energy efficiency present in Unilever factories. The first to enter this program is the production facility of Sanguinetto (Verona), the company decided to replace the lights with a more environmentally friendly system. 

The lamps installed are durable and create a comfortable working environment while respecting all lighting standards required. In addition to offering high energy efficiency, the new lights minimize maintenance requirements. Their long service life of about 50,000 hours means that will require no maintenance for at least seven years (considering the use of 7,000 hours per year at the plant of Sanguinetto). We estimate an annual saving of 370,000 kWh, equal to approximately 155,000 kg of CO2 not emitted; we could compare this value to 65,000 liters of fuel not consumed by a car.