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Saba Italia - Parcheggi

It is definitely one of the most advanced projects carried out so far by Pandora Green S.p.A. in terms of technology. The customer Saba Italia, owner of more than 70 car parks throughout Italy, needed to improve their energy efficency, in the best way and with a less invasive possible procedure.

Our proposal was to use the Radar LED Tube, that is a LED tube equipped with an integrated radar technology.

The LED Tube with this technology on board allowed us to reduce consumption by a further 20% compared to a traditional LED product. This technology works in stand-by with the absence of movement, dims the light flux to 50%, as soon as the radar detects a micro movement at 5 meters of distance brings in a fraction of a second the light flux to 100%.

 This product, unlike the others that have not integrated technologies on board, does not require additional sensors or of new electrical systems, thus cutting installation costs and long implementation times.

Saba Italia - Parcheggi Saba Italia - Parcheggi Saba Italia - Parcheggi Saba Italia - Parcheggi