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What we can do for you

The services we offer are intended to produce the cuts on energy expenditure.

The process involves first a detailed energy analysis (Audit) to determine the needs, to identify key actions to do in compliance with regulations, then after the analysis of the data collected and based on the needs expressed, it draws together an offer with its business plan to check the actual investment payback.

Finally, we proceed with the supply and installation of lighting fixtures.

Alternatively, we can offer “E.S.Co LED” (Energy Service Company) service.

In practice you released from any organizational effort and investment, leaving us the implementation of the intervention. In other words, we buy, install, put into operation, test the technologies chosen and offer a maintenance service throughout the contract, you will pay with the sharing of energy savings generated.

This service is also available with or without transfer of energy bill.

We can also provide the service of "Rental" of our products, through the payment of an installment established, generated by the huge energy savings.

Thanks to our partnerships we also offer a contract for "leasing" that will allow deadline to acquire the ownership of the products subject to the payment of a monthly fee.

We also offer a professional lighting design thanks to our study of lighting design.

The design is the basis for a successful outcome, thanks to it we can understand what equipment to use and in what environments supporting you in choosing your ideal environment thanks to amb ienti 3D graphics.