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Smart City

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Our LED products

The remote management & diagnostics, the LED & LEP lighting, the charging stations for electric vehicles, the widespread video surveillance, home automation and internet wi-fi broadband are the technologies that will play key roles in the innovation process of our cities.

Among these, the lighting is definitely one of the fundamental aspects of the project Smart Cities where the technologies will merge to give rise to the future cities more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly.

If you cut public spending related to energy utilities, improving and innovating infrastructure, you will create new jobs being able to use those resources saved in other projects of public interest.

Our range of road products interacts perfectly with all communication protocols and, thanks to the use of LED and LEP lighting technologies, today we are going to replace any type of light source, both low-and high-power, also going to improve the visibility of roads and the color fidelity of the monuments.

Led Street Light Led Street Light